Are You Content?

I’ve seen New Year’s resolutions popping up here, there and everywhere lately and some great blog posts to boot.

The beginning of a new year can signify a new start and is always a good time for reflection. But in reality a New Year’s resolution is usually no more than a promise to get around to doing something that we’ve been procrastinating on for some time, often years!

When I was a child my Nana used to have a wooden sign on the wall in the kitchen for my Grandad which read as follows:


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A Birthday Letter To My Littlest Man



Last week I wrote a post about gender disappointment and how I had been really sad for awhile while pregnant when I found out that you were not the little girl that I had dreamt about having after my own mum had died when I was only 21 years old.

I certainly could not have imagined just how perfect for me you would be and I’m sorry for that moment of sadness because I had no idea just how blessed I would be by your presence in my life.

Somehow, some way, someone knew just the perfect gift to give me and it turned out to be you.

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The Truth About Gender Disappointment



‘Your boys are going to grow up and leave you and you’ll end up all alone.’


These were the first words that greeted me one morning at work as a regular client of mine decided to start sharing his ‘honest’ opinions about my position as an all boy mama.

This client was an outspoken regular so I tried not to take it to heart, but as a mum of two boys and no daughters, this kind of comment was becoming a regular occurrence.

‘Oh you poor thing, when are you going to try for a girl?’

‘You must be so sad to only have boys’

‘I would be so disappointed if I had only had boys’

The thing is, most mums of all boys have probably heard all of this before.

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So You Think You Want to Take Up Gardening? What NOT to do!


When I was a little girl I absolutely hated having to go with my mum to the garden centre.

Being dragged around a place full of boring old plants was certainly not my idea of fun, but dragging us around the garden centre (for what sometimes felt like hours!) was indeed what my mum would do.

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Weekend Rehash: What To Do When You Have So Much To Do


I have to admit to being completely and utterly unprepared in the blog writing world this week. It was Labour weekend this weekend so a long overdue 3 day holiday and I made the decision on Friday night to make it a technology free one. So this morning is the first time that I have been on a computer since Friday! I went on my phone for exactly 10 minutes on Sunday morning just to check that the All Blacks had indeed won their semi-final match and not come down with some unexplained case of food poisoning (ha!) and again on Monday to look up lemon trees because for a minute there when I nearly stabbed my eye out with the biggest sharpest thorn you have ever seen I began to wonder what the hell I had bought myself! Who knew lemon trees had thorns?! I certainly didn’t.

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My Child The Hypochondriac … When EVERYTHING Needs A Plaster


My oldest son is what one might call a hypochondriac.

I don’t know when it started exactly but it’s been going on for as long as I can remember and as he gets older it’s just getting progressively worse.

The tiniest mark on his body and he is crying that he has a hurt and it ‘needs a plaster mummy, you need to fix it!’. It is not unheard of to hear a proclamation of ‘But I’m dying!’ in our household.

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When Children Fry Your Brain


I’ve certainly never been without my moments of ditz (refer to I have a Confession … My Blondest Moments Exposed) but since having children those moments have risen substantially to the point that I have a story for almost every occasion.

Not only do I have increasing numbers of embarrassing moments to recount, I also have trouble with the simplest tasks. Like remembering whether I washed my hair the day before. Or was it the day before that? Something so simple that I struggle with on a daily basis. I try to remember but I just draw a total blank. Do I remember lathering shampoo in my hair? Combing through the conditioner? I should be able to recall something like this in an instant but … complete blank. I just cannot. Washing my hair ever second day should not be this complicated! My memory is like a sieve. Names, faces …

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