The Myth Of Love At First Sight

Magazines and social media would have us believe that all first time mothers feel an instant bond with their newborn child and fall head over heels in love the second they are born. My Facebook newsfeed is always full of heartfelt birth announcements proclaiming “We are so in love!”. Likewise with those articles you see in magazines with the celebrity of the moment and their newborn baby.

Of course, this is a wonderful thing.

But what if you don’t feel instantly in love with this little screaming, squirming bundle of energy the second you lay eyes on him? Is there something wrong with you? Why don’t you feel this instant love that everyone else is talking about?

And why does no one tell you that this is actually completely normal?

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Natural Cold and Cough Remedy


When I was heavily pregnant the first time around I got really sick with a cold and chest infection and everyone knows when that happens there is not much you can take for it. Luckily my being sick happened to coincide with a visit to my Nanas house and as all Nanas seem to (they really are endless sources of wisdom!), she had a tried and true remedy for getting over colds and coughs and easing symptoms at the same time. Not only that but it was so simple and it actually tasted really nice (I thought so anyway, others may be in my husbands boat and disagree completely!).

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When Your Kids Have a Favourite Parent …


Those were the words that greeted me as I got my oldest son dressed on Wednesday. We had an unexpected day at home as their Nana (who kindly looks after them while we work) was sick with the cold that we had just got over, so I had stayed home from work to look after them myself and had spent the last hour fielding questions about where daddy was and why he wasn’t at home too.

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The Easiest Boys Birthday Cake Ever!

Dump Truck Birthday Cake ~ Maybe Baby Brothers

First of all, let me say I am not a natural born event planner or cake decorator! The first couple of years on their birthdays the boys got the token chocolate cake (square, iced and a number shaped candle shoved in the middle). As they have got older I have had to get a little more creative but I have drawn the line at fondant or any other sort of fancy coloured smooth icing and instead adapted to the chocolate theme as best I can get away with.

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Yet Another Funny Tale Told At My Own Expense

I read another blog post today that reminded me of this one time last summer while hanging out washing.

Set the scene in your mind: It is early on a weekday morning (and I do mean early, circa 5.45am-ish before I had even taken a sip of that blissful first morning coffee). I was outside hanging out washing as the sun was coming up on a fine and still day. Out of the early dusk silence I hear the squawk of some sort of bird echo around the backyard. I look around trying to see where it is coming from but I can’t see any birds, so I carry on the task at hand.

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I’m pretty excited to show off to you all what I have been working on behind the scenes for a couple of weeks now but I’m definitely nervous to publish this baby too! I really hope you guys like the new look and you can see the ‘me’ shining through, because after all that is what a blog is all about – a reflection of who you are translated into words. Those who know me can probably see ‘Haidee’ written all over this new design, right down to the not so subtle coffee theme! No joke, I get so many coffee quotes posted onto my Facebook wall a week! It is the essence that keeps me sane and everyone knows I am the biggest self proclaimed coffee addict out so I had to tie that in somewhere.

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Words Amuck


Have you ever tried having an argument with a 2 year old? It’s an act in futility, they are determined and feisty and always right. At two they know everything.

Much like husbands think they do, but we all know how that usually ends.

We have a book of animals and Finn is pretty good at naming them all – we have kitty cats, doggies, duckies, wabbits, more ducks (platypus), lion (tiger), elephants, monkeys, spiders (the fly, grasshopper, ant, moth) and the goldfish (cockroach). The actual goldfish is a fish but the cockroach is a goldfish. No matter how many times I try to reason with him over these things, he is stubbornly adamant and won’t listen to reason. He often comes running out to me proclaiming hysterically to being chased by a ‘spider’ and any worm that crosses his path is a snake and requires an immediate return indoors. I’m not sure if he is just being petulant or actually has it wired into his head that a cockroach is a goldfish but I can leave it for weeks before going back to the book and it is still a goldfish.

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