I’m pretty excited to show off to you all what I have been working on behind the scenes for a couple of weeks now but I’m definitely nervous to publish this baby too! I really hope you guys like the new look and you can see the ‘me’ shining through, because after all that is what a blog is all about – a reflection of who you are translated into words. Those who know me can probably see ‘Haidee’ written all over this new design, right down to the not so subtle coffee theme! No joke, I get so many coffee quotes posted onto my Facebook wall a week! It is the essence that keeps me sane and everyone knows I am the biggest self proclaimed coffee addict out so I had to tie that in somewhere.

Those of you who were subscribed to follow my blog on wordpress.com have been migrated, however you will not receive emails of new posts now unless you re-subscribe in the ‘Subscribe’ box on the right hand side of this post (or scroll to the bottom on mobile) but I do believe it will still show up in the newsfeed of the WordPress Reader. Alternatively, hit the coffee cup (mmm, frothy coffee!) with the F logo in it and you can like me on Facebook and get all the latest posts straight to your wall (go on, you know you want to!) plus other fun tidbits I come across or anecdotes to share (like the lady who just gave birth to her thirteenth son – yes 13 boys!). I would need A LOT more than coffee if I had 13 boys!

I am so looking forward to carrying forward this blogging journey on this new platform and connecting with more of you in the coming weeks and months! I have also installed a new plug in that allows me to see commenters most recent posts making it super easy to return the favour! Blog hopping love at it’s finest.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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