How My Toddler Is Like A Woman With Extreme PMS

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome): A powerful spell that women are put under about once every month, which gives them the strength of an ox, the stability of a Window’s operating system and the scream of a banshee. The most common mood-related symptoms are irritability, crying, over-sensitivity, and mood swings.

I’m not gonna lie, like most woman I get a dose of PMS each month and my husband can predict exactly what time of the month it is by my tolerance levels, my ability to be rational and my quick temper. This usually lasts about 3 days and then I come right and I can laugh about it because I know that I am doing it but I really can’t help it!

My 2 year old has the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS. But it is lasting far longer than 3 days. Try the last month (and counting). I was super lucky to avoid the tantrum stage with my oldest boy but the youngest is making me pay by upping the ante to tenfold what other mums seem to be experiencing! The tantrums and mood swings are epic. I walk on eggshells afraid to do the wrong thing for fear of triggering one. Things that were once safe zones (like Henry Hugglemonster, a bottle, a hug) are no longer safe zones. Sometimes they are and other times … not so much.


He is irritable as hell. Heaven forbid I try to cover him with a blanket, offer to help him with his gumboots, attempt to help build his lego tower. Have you ever noticed just how awkward little kids are at putting on shoes? My husband always jokes that he takes after me because I always seem to find the hardest way possible to do something (I beg to differ) and Finn is much the same.

He is just so irritable with everything at the moment. Trying to turn the page in a book and it won’t turn to the page he wants? Book goes flying*. The star won’t fit in the square hole of the puzzle? The puzzle is thrown across the room*. He can’t find the toy he wants? Whole toy bucket gets tipped over and the toy bucket gets tossed as far as possible*.

*NOTE: These things usually happen accompanied by screaming.

Offer to help? NO! Pushes me away ‘Uffy do it!’.


I DON’T WANT IT! Waaaaaaahhhhhh!

This is what I hear from the second he gets up in the morning these days. I’m not actually kidding. He wakes up crying and continues crying for a whole hour until we get in the car to go to Nanas house where he is suddenly all happy, like a switch has flipped. We go from hysterical crying on the lounge room floor because daddy looked at him to all smiles and ‘Hi Gandad! What are you doing? Hi Nanny! I love you! Bye mummy, mummy go work now!’Love you!’.


Last night we played hide and seek and he hid (ie. ran down to the kitchen and then 2 seconds later ran back towards us to proclaim we had found him) and to carry on the game I said to my husband ‘I can’t see him? Where’s Finley? Can you see him daddy?’ ‘No, I can’t see him, where has he gone? I wonder where he is?’ all the while he was jumping in front of us laughing and saying ‘Here I am! I right here!’. We pretended to carry on looking while he followed us ‘Is he in the bathroom? Nope, not in here! Where is he hiding?’. Then all of a sudden he just started crying ‘I invisible! I gone! Mummy, I right here! Mummy!’ and that was that, he was hysterical because he thought he had gone invisible. We have played this game many many (MANY!) times and he has always laughed and giggled his way through this charade like it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Until last night.


Oh boy. The mood swings! let me tell you, this kid just doesn’t know what he wants. Or he does. I’m not actually too sure at this point.

As I said, he woke up crying this morning (and every other morning before it for the last month) and then cried when I offered him a bottle, cried because it wasn’t hot enough, then it was too hot, then he wanted me to walk him to the lounge to have it, then dad was on the couch so he threw himself on the floor, then daddy looked at him ‘No daddy look at me! Daddy looked at me! No daddy!’, then he got on the couch and I attempted to put a blanket on him as per usual ‘No blanket! No want blanket!‘, then I put on Hugglemonsters ‘No want Hugglemonsters!’ so I changed it ‘Want Hugglemonsters! Hugglemonsters mummy! Mummmmmy!’ so I put it back on, then I left the room and he followed me crying that mummy needed to come in the lounge too but I told him I had to get ready for work ‘No work mummy! No get ready!’. The whole time he cried. The whole hour. Crying. Waaaaahhhhhh! ‘No want gumboots!’ . ‘Mummy, I want gumboots!’.

Seriously. Doing. My. Head. In.

Can anyone else relate to this? Is your child doing the same? Will it ever end?!

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59 thoughts on “How My Toddler Is Like A Woman With Extreme PMS

    1. We have the occassional fight but mostly the oldest is pretty mellow. If he wasn’t we’d be having bigger issues! I’m sure that will change as they get older! You now have a new job title: Referee. Or perhaps head of HR within your home. Good luck!

    1. Hahaha! That made me spit out my coffee. No, I suppose it probably wouldn’t be wise! Should I try it? 😉 Social experiment maybe?

    1. Haha, maybe you should be grateful that you get to remain the only grumpy one 🙂 And you CAN eat chocolate so that makes it better!

    1. Hope it settled down! I am told this stage sometimes lasts a lot longer than we are ready for and comes and goes into teen years! Brace yourself 😉

    1. Mine too, except mornings and evenings! He is not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination and must be tired at night because he just has mega meltdowns over EVERYTHING. In between he is the happiest little dude.
      Haidee recently posted…10 Truths About Little BoysMy Profile

  1. Ooh yes I can relate. Although my five year old has passed out of the epic tantrums stage, my 16 month old is just working his way towards what I know will be a masterful crescendo. Both my husband and I still remember Miss 5, as a two year old, screaming and crying over a nappy change and shouting at both of us “NO CHANGE MY POOS!”
    Because we’d all rather sit around with a dirty nappy than endure mum spending 30 seconds putting a clean one on…!
    Meryl @ Simple Family Home recently posted…Shopping for Kids: Gender StereotypesMy Profile

    1. Hahaha, I think 95% of mothers with a 2 year old are in this life right now! At least you know you’re not the only one now! 😉

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